Working With Joan

How I Work

The "work" of therapy involves listening, exploring, risking, trusting, nurturing, challenging, reframing, empowering, laughing, waiting, hoping, healing, becoming. Empathy and insight are the primary tools. It is a collaborative journey, this "soul-searching."

I have been privileged to work with diverse clients of many colors, creeds, cultures and sexual orientations, as well as with believers, non-believers and seekers.

Each person is unique. Some of the approaches I rely upon include insight-oriented psychotherapy, the practice of meditation and mindfulness, and a focus on relationships, incorporating my background in couples and family therapy. With couples I use many different approaches, including Imago Therapy. My therapist husband John and I sometimes do joint counseling with couples. I occasionally perform marriages, including interfaith and same sex, usually for clients I have worked with.

Issues Of Focus
individual growth
career and job issues
creativity and spirituality
couples counseling
divorce counseling
grief, trauma and loss
spiritual direction
coaching for priests, ministers & rabbis
Fees are set during our first appointment and paid directly to the therapist. Billing statements are provided as requested to submit to insurance companies for reimbursement.